Erms | Wasteland | Void
Leaving the city to find and to record its limits. Journeys through the old border of Berlin in 1993. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the city began to eliminate the elements that had divided the two halves. Concrete walls in both the city centre and the outer suburbs disappeared and gave way to desolate and empty spaces. In 1993 I took my Solex and decided to visit random enclaves and take pictures of them. I also made visits on a BMW driven by a friend. From approximately 15 trips to open fields, to suburbs and to the city, I obtained a series of more than 400 photos, taken with an analogue Canon EF and printed on Orwo black and white paper. The series does not attempt to document a historic moment, but to express a subjective visual and emotional atmosphere. Leaving the city to find its limits is not, therefore, simply an act in pursuit of personal images, but an attempt to explore my personal questions and my own state of mind from the extension that suddenly appeared in Berlin with the removal of the wall. / Erms, 1992-2020, 24 x 30 cm, Set of 52 Images, Prints on Orwo Photo Paper