Inga Knölke

Barock Flops

11 stillifes out of glasses and foam
4 pictures of buildings
Color Photographs.

Checkpoint Dreilinden-Berlin (1991-1994)
A long-term study of the former border crossing at Dreilinden that fell into oblivion.

About 150 BW Photographs

Cranachs Zirkel

Mixed media. Messing, 2014

The outskirts of Berlin in the early 90s (1991-1994).

About 1000 BW Photographs


Lamp Top like Table Top
Light photographed from the bottom.

work in progress

Work referring to the painting “The Lamentation over the Dead Christ”, by Andrea Mantegna.

24 Color Photographs

c c c Pc-Papparazzi
Subjective documentation of food still lifes taken in bars, restaurants and at events.

About 250 Color Photographs

Post Ich
Images of anonymous manipulated warning signs and an object related to the project.

Series of 3 Color Photographs, Painted Wood and Chewing Gum

Children playing in the suburban areas of
St. Petersburg in 1993.

8 BW Photographs

Sex & Necks
Photos of the crotch and nape of different persons.

24 BW Photographs

St. Petersburg 1993
Subway pictures.

15 BW Polaroids

Urban Sweets 1992-2009

Installation on Photographs

The James Dean Video Game
Children playing in a bunker near Berlin.

6 BW Photographs on Tinted Paper

a s

Stillifes referring to food of wild animals in artificial circumstances.

Color Photographs

v ñ v

Zooküchen (Zookitchens)
Subjective documentation of the kitchen spaces and animal food in the Berlin and Magdeburg zoos.

Color Photographs

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More material from these projects is available by request.